Secure Border Management System

The fight against illegal immigration, high crime rates and terrorist threats demand a huge effort from immigration and police authorities in order to create a Secure Area within the geographical limits of the country. Our Secure Border Management System integrates the latest advances in security technology and provides a tool to the immigration authorities to fight efficiently against these new threats.



The SBMS suite features all aspects of a state-of-the-art border control system, including all functionalities for Primary Inspection (primary passenger processing) and exhaustive handling at the Secondary Inspection of exceptional and special cases like Rejections, Deportation Procedures, handling of dead bodies, Group handling, special alerts and many more. Furthermore the SBMS suite offers of course a Back office Management, a Control List Management System with full legacy & external system interface support, an enterprise class Database Replication,

System Administration and the complete range of security & identification checks, including checks over any travel & ID document, 1:1 and 1:n biometric matching (face, finger, iris) and a large variety of supporting functionality for immigration, like automatic Entry/Exit Card ICR recognition and full transit history, etc.