Central Document Registry

Central Document Registry System

Conjunction to Civil Register or National Population Register

The Central Document Register System is an identification system that enables the storage and update of personal information for future revelation, through the use of digital identities. The CDRS operates stand-alone but it provides in conjunction with other databases, software solutions and hardware systems a Civil Register and even a National Population Register. The register is implemented on the Annwyn framework and integrates seamlessly with our other solutions for live and form based enrollment, user management and biometrics.



The CDRS in this implementation contains various functionalities from the Civil Register, control list form Border and Police Information, an interface to Civil AFIS and ID-Card or Passport information. The state-of-the-art 3 tier software architecture, implemented using relational databases, Java based application servers and rich client guarantee the investment and provide a system that can grow in size and be expanded with additional features and functionality over time to provide an up-to-date secure and integer system.

The key features of the CDRS were created by implementing mandatory concepts and careful chosen features on an appropriate middleware. As the drawing depicts, the CDRS is not merely a database but consists additional application server which realizes the interfaces to external systems, to the biometric system and to the clients that communicate with the CDRS. The administrative clients are necessary to configure and manage the database tables, triggers, procedures and the application server with the business logic and its options. The user clients either register persons and documents, or update and/or reveal stored information in the CDRS.