Quality Assurance

QDoc - Quality Assurance for Travel & Identification Documents

QDoc is a freely configurable software solution for auditing and ensuring the quality and authenticity of identification & travel documents as they are produced and can be integrated in an Issuance / Production System, Standalone or as Browser Based Web-Application. It is Passport Reader independent and works with any full page passport reader that can scan documents with various light sources and a built in RFID reader.

QDoc goes far beyond the mere reading and quality assurance of ICAO documents by letting the user define for each document an unlimited number of security checks to be performed over the ICAO LDS, Document data, RFID chip and MRZ. Optional QDoc can write data onto the chip without removing the passport from the reader, depending on the functionality of the full page passport reader and can be integrated into our stock control system SCS

QFace - ICAO compliant Photo & Image QA Software

QFace is a .NET library of tools enabling system integrators to capture live photos according to the ICAO recommendations, or their own defined set of parameters. QFace evaluates video frames live and in real-time as well as still images, and provides instant ICAO compliant quality assuring feedback to the user. As soon as all quality conditions are met, the camera automatically takes a snapshot of the person, performs cropping, scales the image up or down to be within defined sizing parameters, and stores the image in a definable format.

The toolset features several drivers for cameras and a demo application complete with source code illustrating how to integrate QFace libraries and tools into photo processing applications and is completely free configurable to give the system administrator the full control of how automated he intends to create a live photo capture solution.

IMhancer - Image & Photo Enhancement Solution

IMhancer is an easy to operate image enhancement application, which is designed especially to optimize images of travel and identification documents to obtain a uniform image of good clarity, quality and without a background. IMhancer can be either used as a module within the BioCap solution or as a stand alone tool to enhance photos that are captured by other means, i.e. forms.

As a stand alone tool IMhancer can be expanded to be able to perform a face or an eye check or even an entire ICAO image check, in order to quality assure the images according to the ICAO standards and guidelines of photographs for travel documents. The IMhancer works clockwise from the left upper image and provides an automatically enhanced image before the operator can perform additional manually enhancements and finally save the lower left image.

FormCap - Automated Data Capture From Forms

With FormCap Data capture from any form and format has never been easier. Using FormDesigner a sample form is scanned; the user places hotspots on the form and assigns an action to each hotspot. The result, a FormTemplate is used on each form scanned to perform the defined actions over the designed hotspots.

The user interface of FormCapture guides the operator in an interactive mode thru the post processing of the form; adjusting, fine-tuning, correcting or completing the form and its assigned actions in the most intuitive way. FormCap holds no limitations to templates, hotspots and actions. It provides versatile capturing of data from passport/ID applications to ten-print cards for fingerprint systems and total enrollment for registers.