Business Analysis

RFP Requirements Review

“ To see far, you need to dive deep... ”

A corporate request for proposal (RFP) can be an extremely time-consuming and anxiety-ridden process.

We are reviewing client’s business and technical requirements (possibly part of a draft RFP) for a specific procurement, with detailed comments and recommendations, summarized below:

  • Review client-developed overview of the desired solution
  • Review list of business and technical requirements
  • Review description of business problem and overview of desired solution
  • Provide written detailed comments and recommendations
  • Review client-revised requirements document
  • Provide written, detailed comments and recommendations

Our objectives are a correctly designed statement of product requirements is critical to product selection. Many organizations lack the knowledge of what features and capabilities are standard in all offerings, and which are found only in a subset of offerings well-matched to the client’s needs. This service ensures the client’s RFP or requirements document is complete, unambiguous to responding vendors, and focused on the details that make a difference in product selection.


Enterprise Architecture TCO Analysis

The challenge to understanding the complete cost of a technology-based business solution is essential. Assessing the total cost of a project can be tricky. Pilot programs can mask the expense required to increase functionality or rollout across an enterprise.

The TCO Analysis helps eliminate hidden costs and surprises. Our years of experience in designing security printing and information-based solutions enable us to identify key issues quickly and comprehensively.

The TCO Analysis provides a side-by-side comparison of the total cost of ownership associated with all valid solution scenarios. Tradeoffs between different implementation scenarios, and the differences in total costs associated with each, can be evaluated in context.

The analysis looks at the entire project plan, from pilot to phased subsequent rollout(s) in stages. It illustrates how costs can be minimized at a defined point, yet yield improvements in deployment and functionality. And by taking a holistic view of your solution and enterprise, the TCO Analysis gives you useful information for determining how to leverage existing expenses and plan a strategic rollout.


ROI Assessment

In today's marketplace, setting business expectation up front is critical to providing a vining business proposal. The ROI Assessment creates a purchase justification, reviewing the costs and benefits of solution, and a scorecard of critical baseline metrics.

Product neutral analyses of relevant technology issues and trends equip high-tech companies with independent data to effectively portray the value of choosen solution.

We deliver fact-based proof points to help capture and communicate the financial, strategic and operational benefits.

Upon completion, a company will understand how a process area would be impacted by a visibility solution and determine if the solution is technically feasible within the project requirements. Deliverables include:

  • Business requirements – defining the projects objectives, goals, and constraints.
  • Process mapping – illustrating the current baseline and the targeted vision.
  • Solution architecture including equipment
  • Cost analysis of the project.
  • A more extensive process mapping that includes cost and financial benefit data.
  • Cost / benefit analysis.
  • Return of investment summary.