Vehicle Locator

VL-1 Compact Fleet

Advanced Fleet Management and Security Telematics Solutions

The VL-1 Compact Fleet is an innovative integrated fleet management unit with superior location, tracking, event driven reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Its singularly compact size makes it ideal for covert installation to avoid detection and tampering. Utilizing GSM GPRS IP communication together with GPS technology ensures inexpensive, yet reliable and fluent communications together with efficient remote vehicle tracking.

The feature-rich VL-1 Compact Fleet system offers fleet service providers and their customers optimum solutions in coverage, lowest cost tracking and limitless functionality.

VL-1 map


VL-1 Compact Fleet offers advanced AVL capabilities together with excellent reporting and logging capabilities, featuring:

  • Exceptionally small size
  • Communication channel redundancy - GPRS+SMS or CSD+SMS.
  • Integrated GPS technology
  • Virtually unlimited configuration options
  • Online event driven reporting
  • Full event data logging
  • Data terminal and hands-free compatible
  • Panic button
  • Unique: driver behavior analysis
  • OTA configurable & upgradeable
  • Gradual motor arrest by remote command
  • Multiple discrete I/O
  • Tow detection
  • NMEA data output
  • Driver Identification
  • Built in Geofence support
  • Accident detection



The VL-1 Compact Fleet range of integrated tracking, reporting and logging features combine to offer a cost-effective all-in-one fleet management communication and security solution, suitable for all private or commercial applications.

The following are just a few of the benefits VL-1 Compact Fleet offers:

  • Reliable communication and vehicle location 24/7
  • Low cost
  • Compact size
  • Multi- featured
  • Exceptionally flexible and fully configurable
  • Exceptionally low power consumption
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fully integrable with software systems and external devices