Security Printing Supplies


Security Paper

We deliver a large range of Security paper with100 % new wood pulp as well as Security Paper with100% cotton paper. Papers can be delivered with either Fourdrinier or Mould Made paper with or without Security Threads.

  • Passport paper
  • Family Book paper
  • Check and Voucher paper
  • Visa paper

  • with Wood pulp
  • with 100% cotton
  • with Watermarks
  • with visible and invisible UV Fluorescent fibres or UV Fluorescent Dots
  • with Security thread
  • with LNP (Luminescent Nano Pigment) powder

Watermark paper

  • Individual Watermark Paper (with customer Watermark min. 500 kg.)

Security Paper


Security Printing Inks

  • Color shifting ink
  • Anti-absorption ink
  • UV Fluorescent ink
  • Thermochromic ink
  • Anti-Alteration ink

Download  Security Printing Inks documentation



Passport Sewing Threads

  • mono color, UV fluorescent
  • two colors, UV fluorescent

Passport Sewing Threads


Download  Passport and ID threads documentation



Security Fibers

  • Visible security fibers (also with UV fluorescence)
  • Invisible security fibers (UV fluorescent)
  • Multicolor security fibers (UV fluorescent)

Security Fibers



Passport Cover Material

  • with UV top coating
  • with UV printing



Re-Enforcing Tapes

  • for Passport lines, heat sealable
  • for Check- and/or Vignette booklets
  • self adhesive



Postal Stamp Paper

  • postal stamp paper uncoated or UV dull coated with PVA coating
  • postal stamp paper uncoated or UV dull coated with PVA and self adhesive coating
    • with optical bleach
    • without optical bleach
    • with visible and invisible fibers



Luminescent Nano Pigments

LNP is a future product generation providing solutions for security & brand protection applications. LNP can be mixed into a variety of carrier materials, including paper, textiles, fibre plastics and glass. It can also be applied to many surfaces by using a variety of printing techniques, including gravure, flexo, offset litho and laser coatings
Benefits Include:

  • Up-converting phosphor ceramic powder
  • Inorganic bio-compatible covert technology
  • 0.3 to 100 micron particle size
  • Flexible non-disruptive integration
  • Visible and Invisible detection
  • Instant authentication and verification
  • Cost effective solution
  • Progressive R&D ~ NASPO Certified
  • Resistant to extreme temperature, sunlight and solvents



Download  Security Supplies documentation