Immigration/Border Control System


CS-1 eDocument Reader & Forensic System (All-In-One)

The CS-1 is an All-in-One document reader and forensic system consisting the latest technology of eDocument reader (CDR-2 or CDR-1) with a TouchScreen PC and a Multi-spectral Magnification system for forensic verification.

The CDR-2/CDR-1 eDocument reader is a ICAO complying reader for Passports (2 OCR-B lines) and ID cards (3 OCR-B lines) as well as for ID documents with a contact chip. Reading White light, UV and IR, optional also with coaxial light. Reading of MRZ in < 4 sec and Chip reading in < 1 seconds.




Software is located on the TouchScreen PC, serving for purposes of Document Reading and Document Forensinc Analyse.

Multi-spectral magnification system is a spectrum analysis instrument, delivering all frequencies of light necessary for complete analysis:

  • Ultraviolet in two frequencies
  • Visual light in seven colors
  • Infra Red in two frequencies
  • Plus IR directional tangential light
  • Non-illuminated mode for transparency analysis




The All in One solution is a compact unit best suitable for Border control as well as for Gate Control on Airplain boarding.


Download  CS-1 Data Sheet english

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