Iris Mouse


Multifunctional Iris Device

The very compact and unique handheld IRIS Recognizing devise allow to read, analyze, and encrypt Iris images to a Database or to a RFID chip. Iris is over 100 times more exact then Fingerprints. With one only Iris recognition the verification is 99.9999% sure, there is no alternative in exactitude.


SPC Iris Mouse


The Iris Module takes automatically two images as soon as the sharpness is optimized. The reading distance is approx. 5 cm distance from the human eye left or right.

SPC Iris Mouse


The outstanding performance of this small and inexpensive device allow large integration in Parallel to the document reader. The Iris data can be stored in 500k either on the RFID chip as well as in the central database for cross checking.

There is no other Biometric solution showing a similar security. The Iris module can also be used as Passport for electronic equipment.

SPC Iris Mouse