Visa Printer


VP200 Inkjet Visa Printer

The VP200 Visa printer is a security Inkjet printer for printing Visa Sticker in Visa size sheets (e.g. 105 x 150 mm gross size with Kiss cut of the Visa 80 x 120 mm on single sheets) The high resolution printer can optionally be with an integrated RFID module for reading and writing of RFID chips according ICAO recommendations 14443 A+B.

The Visa can be printed in 4 visible and 2 invisible colors. The UV printing is worldwide unique individually printable as separate design over the image or over the entyre Visa Page.


SPC VP200 Visa


Printing is taking less then 20 seconds. The Printer has USB2 connection and is connected to the VDR-C eDocument reader. In combination with the Document Reader basic data can automatically been copies from the Passport data. Printing is only possible after successful verification of the traveler's document. A unique (Patent pending) UV and blue light LED bar is integrated for instant verification of the UV printing.


Download  VP200 Data Sheet