eDocument Reader


Multifunctional Passport and ID Card Reader

The Multifunctional Document Reader VDR-1 is the answer to the global fast growing needs for reliable and secure automated reading and verification of ICAO complying personal travel documents.


SPC VDR-1 reader


We recommend the compact VDR-1 TS solution which consists of VDR-1 reader and a fan-less 15" TFT Touch Screen with embedded PC. The equipment outstanding price performance ratio is for the verification of Passports, Visas, ID carts with RFID or Contact Chip, as well as Driver or Car licenses, Health cards etc.

Different software modules are available for the verification of OVI and OVD elements, machine readable data (MRZ), data stored on a RFID or contact chip and for the enrollment of documents.

Several software modules are available to fulfill the task of the different applications as border control, airport security, immigration offices, document enrollment stations, consulates, commercial applications as hotels, banking institutions as well as access control.



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